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the passing rain draws closer, the smell of the city is bittersweet

the shadows left on the pavement seemed different than usual

as if the ever-changing sky was reflecting my wavering heart

the world continues turning at a fast pace

the signal that changes from red to green

in the midst of a journey there’s no return

I want to go forward believing in tomorrow (I do want to)

alone in this evening shower,

there may be times when I stop and look back

but I won’t be afraid of anything (or I might be afraid of eveything?)

the evening sunflowers that can be seen from the window after the rain

are dyed by the sunset, and waiting for the sunrise

sometimes it seems like I’ll lose sight of what’s important

but I walk on holding the feelings I won’t let go

dyed with a brilliant blue

the future sketched out endless dreams

moistening my dry heart

in the midst of this limited time

I strongly carved the emotions into my heart

the sun will rise again

even knowing what I would see

when I cross this long hill

I don’t want to have regrets

I’ll keep going and shine on tomorrow like the sun

run, reach out your hands to your dreams

shout, as long as your voice goes on

in the way that your heart feels

Everything - Arashi

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One response to “Everything

  1. wi2d ⋅

    Ini apa ya maksudnya, nulis lirik lagu atau … :prikitiuw:

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