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2011’s Early Memories

Yak! First post on this year, and it’s already titled with “kenangan” πŸ˜€ Recently I decided to give a facelift for my phone, bring some new look, biar ga bosen gitu loh sama tampilannya πŸ˜† Then to commemorate the old look, I decided to capture those look and shareΒ  here :-D, and here it goes

Home Screen 1

Home Screen 2

Nah, those two are home screen-capture from the older theme, mengadopsi warna dominan gelap, ada tujuannya, menghemat baterai! Got some info bout dark color theme, it’s save battery life, coz it need less electric-consumption to lit up the screen. Untuk tampilan drawer berikut aplikasinya, ini nih

Drawer 1

Drawer 2

Ternyata aplikasi saya banyak juga ya, sampe 8 page… Pastinya segitu banyak ada yang jarang dipake tuh πŸ˜› Anyway, here goes the story ends, as I state on the beginning, I just want to commemorate and share with you all my older look on my phone, oh btw, it’s not default theme on my phone, it’s a new theme built with ADWlauncher, a good launcher with many options of customization. And maybe next time i’ll share with you how to capture the phone screen, and oh, the new launcher i used :-D. See yaa!


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  1. sangprabo ⋅

    pamer nih yee…. *kepengen tapi ndak ada duit*

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