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That Nostalgic Sound (:

Made some trip with friends to Pangandaran, Green Canyon, Batu Karas last weekend, and borrowing an old-skool film camera 😆 It was very nostalgic, the sound of the motor rolls the film after taking a picture. Thanks to Prastidutz for the camera, it was surely made our trip fun 😆

Aand.. not only the sound were nostalgic, the result is also very nostalgic. The unexpected result, some burned results, it really reminds for the time of Junior High for most of the trip member, me, Ucup , Ayu and Sita and for om Baskoro the time of freshmen year 😛 Here are some of the result, please enjoy 😉

Anak Gaul Ciamis :))

Rumah Pakdhe 😀

Green Canyon 1

Green Canyon 2

Green Canyon 3

Nyarap dulu cooy

Let's Go Home! 🙂

4 responses to “That Nostalgic Sound (:

  1. sita

    it was a very nice time i’ve spent with you where’s the next destination? ooppss!!!!!hahaha

  2. Destination? Saya taunya cuma destiayu

  3. afirahma ⋅

    huahahahahaa… hiiikss aku ra dijakiii 😥

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