That Nostalgic Sound (:

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Made some trip with friends to Pangandaran, Green Canyon, Batu Karas last weekend, and borrowing an old-skool film camera πŸ˜† It was very nostalgic, the sound of the motor rolls the film after taking a picture. Thanks to Prastidutz for the camera, it was surely made our trip fun πŸ˜† Aand.. not only the sound… Read more.


Got this links on twitter, trying this site It generates a word clouds from your choice’s words. Kinda like a typographic art in result πŸ˜€ You should try this site. πŸ˜‰ This one I generate from the words tag in my blog.

Wordle: nyept's

Teh Celup

Me last recent updates:

One of me cell goin’ to service center. Me PC (also) goin’ to service center (for mobo, thanks for the hard-work anyway :-)). Me schedule hasn’t yet to announce (got some info anyway). Me life? Well, where do we go next? To the place we haven’t seen yet, dear :-). (shit) Life surely is beautiful and enjoyable ya know? yihuuuuuy \(^_^)/ teh celuuuuupppp…